sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

ROOM ART FAIR Madrid 2011



This e-mail is to inform you that Room Art Fair Madrid 2011 is Madrid´s new Emerging arts fair. Room Art Fair Madrid is the space that believes in galleries and young artist which whom may enjoy an eclectic, distended and free environment. Room Art Fair Madrid 2011 was born with the objective of promoting the art of collecting believing that it can be more affordable and overall directed to our large public diversity.


Hotel Chic & Basic Mayerling, located right on the Historic center of Madrid, will host in their cozy rooms the first editions of our different and exciting fair. For our first edition, exceptionally, the participation in Room Art Fair Madrid 2011 will be done through invitation and the fares will be low cost.


Room Art Fair 2011 will accommodate from December 16th to December 18th to a maximum of 21 galleries.


Please find attached the press dossier [in Spanish]


Best regards.


Let's check in!



Jose Ángel Lorente

Room Art Fair Madrid 2011 



Tlf. 911427799 - 687974898


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