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CAC Brétigny | Marcello Maloberti > July friday the 29th from 4 to 9 pm

Subject: CAC Brétigny | Marcello Maloberti > 

July friday the 29th from 4 to 9 pm


Marcello Maloberti

The project Tarzan Noir, initiated by Marcello Maloberti in association with CAC Brétigny and the community centre La Fontaine, will be accomplished in the framework of the 10th Nuit Blanche, thanks to the support of the next edition curators. Regarding the title of the Parisian event, not devoid of some irony, it extends the play on the oxymoron (according to the English author, "Tarzan" means "White-skin" in ape language).

The Italian artist was invited for a residency in July at Brétigny-sur-Orge and will present the first stage in progress of the project in cooperation with the community centre La Fontaine, located in the same city. The project is deployed over a certain length of time and is declined in several forms: publication, procedure, procession and performance.

The July 29th event marks the end of the artist's month-long residency. It takes the festive shape of a process to be put to use and appropriated by the visitors. Images cut-up together with the inhabitants of La Fontaine district during the summer, are strewed over the floor of the art centre, amidst the ongoing exhibition, waiting to be associated by the visitors in random combinations. This material is to be used for the future stages of the Tarzan Noir project, whose peak event will happen in Paris, in association with the team of the 10th Nuit Blanche, next October 1st.

Marcello Maloberti was born in Italy in 1966; he lives in the outskirts of Milan in a popular neighbourhood that shares with the "other capital" of fashion a large array of colours, behaviours and styles, however without the honours of the catwalks. It is this environment, composed as a multiple origins cut-ups, that provides energy and inspiration to the artist. Free as a Tarzan shipwrecked on the banks of the Po, the urban jungle is his preferred territory. He gathers into groups the talents, with no age, competence or origin distinctions. Similarly to the ape man of Edgar Rice Burroughs' famed novel, he summons peace between the races in the clearings of the faraway neighbourhoods (Circus Palermo, 2007). From the slums left out by tourist guides, he leads his likes and gathers heterogeneous relatives in a harmonious processio! n towards the posh districts (The ants struggle on the snow, Washington Square Park, New York 2009).

Co-curating and organisation
Pierre Bal-Blanc, director CAC Brétigny
Luca Cerizza, independant curator
Julien Duc-Maugé, territorial program curator CAC Brétigny
Martine Brigandat, director centre social La Fontaine
Mohamed Bouazzaoui, animator centre social La Fontaine


Pierre Simon, mediator
Julien Duc-Maugé, territorial program curator
+33 (0)1 60 85 20 76



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