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Fwd: Pantocrátor Gallery Shanghai / Next exhibition, opening April 20 / Pierre Chaumont "Since we last spoke" 自从我们上次谈话

Upcoming exhibition in Pantocrator Gallery Shanghai. Pierre Chaumont
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Pierre Chaumont

"Since we last spoke" 自从我们上次谈话

Resident artist April 2013

saturday, april 20th from 2pm until 6pm

4月20日 / 周六 / 下午2 - 6 点

from april 20th until may 2th 
4月20日 至 5月2日

For this series, Pierre Chaumont is using to create works a traditional Japanese craft called kumi himo which consists of tying a thin silk lace for it to form an organic or geometric shape (circle, ball, leaves, etc.) in a harmonious way. Originally it was believed that in every knot God was present and even if nowadays it has lost this meaning you can still find it for important events like wedding, funeral, child's birth or starting a company. For him, it conceptually represents a way to highlight events in a community or individual's life. In a mixture of drawings, sculpture and video, he explores the possibilities of this technique to translate intangible moments.

This exhibition is possible in part with the help of The Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec.

艺术家Pierre Chaumont 借助了日本传统手织腰带绳手工艺创造出一系列利用丝绸细带编织成有机或者有序的形状,比如环形,球形,树叶等等...在古老的最初,每个绳结都代表一个 神.甚至在今天那些绳结已经丢失了原本的意义.但是在一些重要的活动中, 婚礼,葬礼,生日,开业...依然可以见到他们的身影. 对于艺术家来说,这是一种概念化标志社团的重要活动或者个人生活的重要时刻. 借用混合绘画,雕塑和视频,他试图探索了用这一古老的编织技术转化这些无形时刻的可能性.

The Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec协助本次展览


Samuel Sarmiento

Samuel Sarmiento, from Venzuela
Resident artist April
- May 2013
Upcoming solo exhibition, May 2013


Ameet Gill

"Cord and Discord"


saturday, May 4th from 5pm until 8pm
4月20日 / 周六 / 下午5 - 8 点
from May 4th until May 12th 
5月4日 至 5月12日

Bringing the contradictions of the society forward, symbolically representing beautiful rhythm and cord followed by discord, thus creating a viscous cycle overstepping all borders, where power have been used and abused... The beautiful cord of rich heritage and nature turning into discord. On the flip side the realization that contradiction is the power and beauty of universe - opposites not only exist but flow hand in hand and absolute harmony for example feelings of happiness and sadness, bravery and fear, leading to an understanding of darker forces like lust, greed, hatred as being the cause of Discord.

"Where there is discord, may we bring harmony" - Margaret Thatcher.

The medium used by Ameet to develop her artworks is wood, oil paints, wax, resin, 24 carat gold and reviving old techniques of gold leafing/ encaustic in contemporary style. 
Living a rich artistic and observant life has made her realise the impact of our carbon footprint.  
Nature has given the gift of beeswax; the perfect medium for my biodegradable mixed media work. Encaustic is an ancient art, originating form 100-300AD Egypt and Greeks. Wax can be colored with pigments, hardened with resin, poured into slabs, sculpted, painted and used to preserve. The colored melted wax flows toward each other, connecting color and shape, layering and revealing in the process.


"La Pan Stage" Shanghai

Pantocrator Gallery through its residencies programs, seeks to strengthen intercultural relations between artists of proven track record and emerging artists from different parts of the world.
During all the year, 2 selected artists residents, working in the area of the gallery, for a period of 1-2 months for each artist.
Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area. 

These artists will exhibit and create new work in the gallery as their studio. 

The gallery is open to the public to interact with artists and see work in progress.
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