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CAC Brétigny | Thursday, April 5 | 8pm | Publications and performance

Mattin, Emma Hedditch, Anthony Iles,
Howard Slater and Esther Ferrer

Publications and performance

Thursday, April 5 from 8pm

Free shuttle from Paris at 6.30pm
please book : resa@cacbretigny.com

tel. +33(0)1 60 85 20 76


Unconstituted Praxis

New publication reviewing

Esther Ferrer
"ZAJ Concert for 30 or 60 voices", 1980

New CD reviewing


Mattin, Emma Hedditch, Anthony Iles,
Howard Slater and Esther Ferrer

with the authors

Comment of Mattin (duration 1 hour)
« ...Regarding textual psychosis, I would like to try to understand how it is created and whether there could be ways to use language in a way that it does not produce personalising effects - that one does not feel attacked or described by it. It is simply material that is there; a language without interpolation.
These are difficult and abstract questions, but some of the ways that we have been working deal with this, even though this happens through deep personalisation. When we 'check in' at the beginning of meeting together, what is said/performed in public - everybody who is there has access to those descriptions, so people can relate to them even though they might not feel the same experience...», Mattin 2012.

To follow up the exhibition « Noise & Capitalism-exhibition as concert » realised CAC Brétigny, 1 september - 30 october 2010 the center present « Unconstituted Praxis » a publication realised as part of the exhibition by Mattin...

"Unconstituted Praxis" and the CD of "ZAJ Concert for 30 or 60 voices" of Esther Ferrer, 1980 recorded Saturday 25 september 2010 are published by CAC Brétigny & Taumaturgia, A Coruna.

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