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Fwd: Samuel Sarmiento Solo exhibition / screen festival Barcelona

Pantocrátor Gallery


Samuel Sarmiento

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Samuel Sarmiento

Samuel Sarmiento was born in Venezuela in 1987. It is as a self-taught that he starts out his artistic training. In 2009 he completes his journalism studies at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In 2010 he carries out a Master's degree in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He is currently studying for a Master's Degree of Art - Creation and Research, his major being Painting, at the University Complutense of Madrid. He has participated in various exhibitions, individually as well as collectively in Venezuela, Germany, Aruba, Spain, USA, China and the Netherlands.


Samuel Sarmiento
I've always found great satisfaction while engaging in the act of painting and I am now trying to convert this activity into my profession. My artistic work is very much influenced by my life experiences. It is made up of drawings and paintings through which I hope to tell stories. Thanks to my creations I'm looking to materialize my narratives, where landscape and individual emotionally and symbolically relate to each other. In developing my artistic production I have created a personal symbolic code which produces repetition turning it into a creative tool, from which the represented characters, forms, figures, graphics and signs come about. They tell legends, tales and metaphorical stories, which, using a simple image, transmit a message without the need for rational interpretation. When it comes to theory, artists like Miodrag Djuric, Clyfford Still, Wifredo Lam and Marc Chagall, have all had an influence on my past as well as current work. These references may provide some insight, to a certain extent, when it comes to my use of ancient mythological figures, of depictions of adults with animal features, or of pictorial gestures containing different degrees of abstraction. All these factors, when seen within their specific context, help to develop the scenarios I create. I'm interested in analysing the relationship between narration and landscapes, and in which way the landscape constitutes an individual character's perception of its own environment can be built up.

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Pantocrator Gallery & Generator Hostels Barcelona presented video art works made by the residents artist in "Pantocrator Residence Program" 2012-13. Barcelona-Shanghai.

This exhibition will be presented in Pantocrátor gallery Shanghai after Barcelona.
Furthermore we present the work of interactive video installation "We never were fishes" by the artist Enric Socías
Catherine del Buono
Gonzalo Reyes Araos
Laura Clemente
Gaby Steiner
Enric Socías
22 May, 2013 @ 17:00 – 15 June, 2013 @ 20:30
Generator Hostel Barcelona / Pantocrátor Galería
Carrer de Còrsega
377,08037 Barcelona

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