quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Haidji - art - Leave your Mark

...Like a blank page
you come into this world
and every one that pass by you
write inside the lines 
creating your life
beeing part of your own story
making you be...who you are
leaving...a Mark

if you like you can see my work                        

                                                             Leave your Mark

                        over 27 000 visitors...many thanks to all

Performance soon...25th May...Costa da Caparica - Kontiki
sometimes a mistery is revealed,
while the sun goes down
maybe in a beach somewhere,
with dancers, music... summer feelings in the middle of spring,
SOON, a performance where persons can see me painting
and hear one of my tales, 
a beautiful model...croned by the sun, with a smile like cristal

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