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Paris, Garches

  • Paris, Garches
  • Santiago Ribeiro, Costa Camelo, Benjamin Marques, Antonio Santos Silva, Jacqueline Pereira de Sousa and the sculptors Isabel Meyrelles and Eleanor Luis

    From 22nd September to 7th October 2012, will be held in Garches, in outskirts of Paris in collaboration with the association "Art Gallery Portugal Present ', a Fine Arts Exhibition.

    Garches is a city located on the western outskirts of the capital at 11.9 km from the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris.

    The show called "Portuguese Presence in Garches," is part of the fortnight
    culture that "the Portuguese Cultural and Social Garches," promotes the
    part of the celebrations of its 20th anniversary and has the patronage of
    His Excellency the Ambassador of Portugal in France, Francisco Seixas da Costa.
    This Association established in 1992, aims to promote the teaching of
    Portuguese language and culture to the children of migrants and to take action
    of active solidarity with the needy. subsequently,
    added to its statutory objectives of the dissemination and exploitation
    Lusophone culture in Garches, contributed to the cultural activities of the city.
    It was so so, in recent years, held an Arts Exhibition
    Plastic, an iconographic exhibition and literature on Eca de Queiroz,
    fado performances of band music, traditional music, folklore,
    theater, cinema, conferences and debates.

    GARCHES- Mairie municipalité

    GAPP - Galeria de Arte Portugal Presente

Telas Gaudí Ind. Com. de telas e Materiais para Pintura Artística
Rua Cabral, 291 - Bairro Rio Branco - Porto Alegre/RS
51 33333294 - 91074429 

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