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I may not be seeing what you are seeing

  • From 22 to 30 September

    Opening: 22 September, 20:00h

    I may not be seeing what you are seeing

    This project started in 2007 when I was studying in Amsterdam. Initially it was one of the portfolio pieces I brought to an art school entrance exam. A couple of months later on a winter's day with clear sky, I spent hours taking photos of aeroplane contrails. I then created a booklet based on this sequence of contrail photos. Since then, I have always wanted to extend this project further; making it more three dimensional in form in order to launch the concept "back into the air."

    I have always liked looking at the sky and contrails made by aeroplanes, freely drawing lines in the air, hold their own fascination. I have always wondered whether or not I would see the same contrail image if I were standing somewhere else. My eyes can only capture a flat two dimensional image even though the contrails are being made in three dimensional space. Somebody standing elsewhere might perhaps be seeing a completely different image of the same event.

    What I am seeing is not the absolute; there may be other patterns, perceptions or pictures to be viewed if only I were looking at things from a different angle or a different points of view.

    Pantocrátor Gallery / La Pan
    Barcelona. Spain
    C/ Marina, 68. 08005.

Telas Gaudí Ind. Com. de telas e Materiais para Pintura Artística
Rua Cabral, 291 - Bairro Rio Branco - Porto Alegre/RS
51 33333294 - 91074429 

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