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Register Today for The Million Dollar Art Show Call for Artists - Deadline: October 26, 2012

Register Today for The Million Dollar Art Show™
Call for Artists - Deadline: October 26, 2012

Global Arts Awards, LLC is proud to announce the first Million Dollar Art Show for visual artists. Open to all artists across multiple categories, this is THE show to enter!

Artist Information

In April 2013 we will be giving away $1,000,000 making this the richest art show in history. In addition to the cash prizes, profits from the show will also be given as scholarships and grants to art students in order to develop continuous growth in culture and education through the arts. Now that we have your attention and as history is being made, please read further to see the excitement this show will unveil.


ONE ENTRANCE Just fill out the application and you are on your way to one of twenty five chances for winning $100,000.00 US

You can be accepted by the Panel of Five International Jurors' or by being voted on by the General Public making this the first show in history to give you an extra chance of acceptance.

THREE WAYS OF WINNING a $100,000 you can win one of 5 JUDGES CHOICE AWARDS, one of 3 WEB CHOICE AWARDS or one of 2 VIEWER CHOICE AWARDS, making this $1,000,000 in prize money.

We hope you will register to become one of 250 selected artists competing for 10 equal prizes of $100,000 each, making this the richest exhibit ever sponsored, worldwide.

The general public will choose 200 artists via online voting and selected to exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There will also be designated web pages so that artists may sell their works before the show in order to help raise travel funding. We also expect significant media attention for the artists helping to secure future careers.

10% of all sales will be going to The Arty Scholars, a non-profit for full time students in order to fund travel scholarships and grants.

There will be an online auction so that the artists will receive additional coverage and funding in order for them to create an avenue of self support.


250 artists competing for 10 equal prizes of $100,000 each, making this the richest exhibit ever sponsored, worldwide. 200 of the 250 finalists will be chosen by the General Public through voting on The Arty web site for who they would like to be invited to participate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1500 selected artists will have designated web pages in order to sell their works before the show.

We will:
  • Create significant media attention for You, the artists, in order to secure future careers.
  • Secure profits from the exhibit for funding art scholarships and grants.
  • Encourage individual recognition for the artists by the critics and press covering the event.
  • Implement an online auction so that the artists receive additional coverage and funding.
  • The odds of winning $100,000 are 1 out of 25 if you are accepted into the exhibit, giving you the highest odds of winning an art show award in history.
  • 5 of the 10 equal prizes will be chosen by the General Public making this show unprecedented in art history.

Dates to Remember

June 9, – August 31, 2012: Registration will be open at a reduced rate of $50.00; this gives artists an advantage of being able to develop awareness of their work.
September 1, – October 26, 2012: Registration continues at the full entry price of $75.00; Voting opens and continues through October 26.
October 27, 2012: Registration is closed.
October 27, – November 23, 2012: Voting continues only for the top 1000 artists for the Web Choice.
November 24, 2012: Announcement of the top 1000 Web Choice and the 50 Judges Choice with the artists given a web page so artists may sell their works.
November 24, – January 11, 2013: Elimination begins by the Web votes with each week 100 artists eliminated until the final 200 are selected.
January 19, 2013: Announcement of the winning 200 artists from the Web Choice Selection and 50 Judges Choice.
January 19, – February 15, 2013: Voting continues for the top three Web Choice Awards.
April 17, 2013: 250 chosen artists place work in the venue in Las Vegas, Nv. In addition "The Arty Circle" Top 25 are announced.
April 18, 2013: The Arty show Opens to the general public.
April 21, 2013: Show Exhibit ends – Televised Special. All winners are announced during televised special. All artist works must be removed by end of day/midnight.

What to Submit

Submissions: Five images which will be made available to the Judges for consideration and potential selection as one of the 250 artists exhibiting at The Arty, Million Dollar Art Show© and potential selection as a prize winner.

Selected artists will be required to designate one piece for voting when entering and may not sell the piece until the show is over or eliminated.

Prize Money

Prize money will be paid in the form of a US CASHIER'S CHECK. Awards will be made payable to the winning artists. If an artist is not in attendance during the show, checks will be mailed.

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