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Alley Cat CD Artwork Contest - Call for Artists - Deadline: April 2nd, 2012

Alley Cat CD Artwork Contest

Call for Artists - Deadline: April 2nd, 2012

Alley Cat is the title track from my soon-to-be-released fourth CD.  Anyone who has seen my earlier CDs knows that I love the art of CD packaging and for this next venture I had an idea for something interesting.

I have so many friends who are fine, fine artists and I know there are zillions more I don't know - so I thought, what if anybody who felt like it, listened to this Alley Cat story, and created a piece of art in any medium they chose and then photographed it and sent me a digital image and once I had them all I could choose the ones I love the most for the CD packaging and lyric booklet.

I would also pay for the privilege of using this art: $100 for the front cover, $50 for the back cover and $25 for any I use in the lyric booklet - plus a copy of the CD when it comes out.

Plus, I'll keep the Alley Cat website up and display all the cool alley cats that people create!  I hope to have the CD mixed and mastered by mid-summer and the graphic artist will need the images before that - so we have to get right on this.  The new arbitrary deadline that I just made up is April 2nd (so nobody thinks it's a joke for April Fool's Day if I said the 1st).

Submitted images will appear in an online gallery.  An email confirmation will be sent once your submission is received.  

I hope this sounds fun and interesting.....I can't wait to see what happens!!!!!

Annie J Dahlgren

For More Information: http://alleycatcd.com/

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